Investment Strategy

Manton invests in growth-oriented opportunities in selected sectors
across the globe

Investment Criteria




Sustainable Infrastructure


Social Entrepreneurship


Americas and Caribbean


Asia Pacific


Early Stage

High Growth

Emerging Industries

$2-5m Capital

Investment Style & Approach

Sector Focus

We target a limited number of sectors to ensure an appropriate balance of industry focus and risk diversification. Each of our funds are tailored to specific industries, with dedicated governance boards and specialist advisory councils comprising industry experts. Opportunities are sourced through extensive industry research that identifies supply-demand imbalanced scenarios, screened through appropriate levels of due-diligence, and ultimately selected where our investment criteria are met.

Structural Alignment

Manton adopts a preferred capital structure for each project together with comprehensive performance-based incentives for management that ensures structural alignment of all participants. Our structures are premised on the core principles of human motivational psychology and we believe that effective working relationships underpin investment performance.

Activist Management

Manton's key personnel directly participate in each investment across the organisational and project governance frameworks. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our understanding of the strategic drivers and operations of each of our portfolio companies, and while we are ultimately seeking to create value through transferring our capabilities, we aim to build enduring relationships that transcend the investment cycle.

Systems Development

Due to Manton's focus on early stage investing, significant resources are applied to systems development underpinned by cloud-based technology as a key element of the de-risking process. Manton maintains strategic relationships with Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk, and adopts as policy a world class integrated management system providing assurance to the ISO9000 and IFRS series of standards.

Our Strategy