Team wellbeing gets a boost

Manton Motion – a program that supports the health and wellbeing of Manton’s team members – has been formalised with the appointment of Courtney Smith as Manton Motion manager.

“You’re only as good as the people you have with you,” says Courtney, whose experience running hospitality businesses has taught him the value of balance in the workplace. “The objective is to make sure that team members feel supported in their work and their lives – especially since our team is based all over the world and many are working remotely.”

The program allows team members to project their aspirations in seven key areas: professional, physical, spiritual, emotional, environmental, intellectual and social. Resources have been allocated so that team members can work on bringing balance into their lives – be it with yoga, professional upskilling, kick boxing classes, weeding their local nature reserve or getting involved in a soup kitchen.

As well as one-on-one encouragement and support for individual team members, Courtney will be coordinating group events in which all team members can participate. In the Covid-19 environment those may be limited to Zoom catch-ups, but leveraging the technology used for work will be a big part of creating a cohesive team even into a more event-friendly future.

Specific, measurable, realistic targets will be set in keeping with Manton’s ethos of integrity and collaboration. “The idea is to elevate everyone’s sense of wellbeing, so that we work as effectively as we can as a team,” says Courtney.